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Get Ready with Happsy

Posted in: Sleep Tips
By Happsy Team
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Get Ready with Happsy

Get Ready with Happsy

Ah, mornings. 

Getting ready in the morning usually looks one of two ways. Some days, you’re tuned into every little detail, cooking pancakes, drinking coffee, and experimenting with different hairstyles. On other days, you’re rushing out the back door wearing the same clothes as yesterday. It happens!

Getting ready in the morning can be a pretty magical experience, especially if your routine sparks your productivity for the day. Since we’re all creatures of habit and thrive on momentum, it’s important to start off your day with a morning routine that sets you up for great things throughout the day. 

Here are our tips for making the most of your morning as you get ready to take on the day.


Tip #1: Wake up at the right time for you

All those early risers and motivational speakers constantly harp on how productivity is directly linked to being part of the 5 a.m. club. While the nine-to-five workday is geared to benefit people who function best in the morning, your optimal wake-up time is unique to you. As your alarm goes off and you roll over on your cozy, organic Happsy mattress, you shouldn’t feel totally exhausted. Yes, it’ll be hard to want to leave your comfy beddingwe totally get that. But you should ultimately strive to get in touch with your natural body clock so that your day begins when your body and mind are both well-rested and ready.


Tip #2: Give your well-being a boost with non-toxic products

As you prep for the day in your bathroom, you may be surprised to realize that personal care products affect more than just your appearance. If you’re not careful about what you are putting on or into your body, such as lotion, toothpaste, makeup, and deodorant, you might be ingesting loads of toxic chemicals first thing in the morning. Instead, choose organic beauty brands that use ingredients which are nutrient-rich and non-toxic. There are plenty of options out there, and this way, you can give your overall wellness a boost from the very first moments of the day.


Tip #3: Get moving and start hydrating

If you’re struggling to get out of bed in the mornings, it’s probably unlikely that you’d want to hit the gym. However, there are plenty of mini exercises you can do while you’re getting ready, such as:

  • Stretch while you shower 
  • Do some squats or lunges as you brush your teeth
  • Dance while you pick out your clothes
  • Do calf raises as your coffee brews

While these ideas might seem ridiculous, starting your day with a little movement will get your blood flowing and your mind circulating. As you do these mini exercises, make sure you start hydrating. What you drink in the morning truly matters, and coffee, unfortunately, dehydrates us. Some people claim that drinking a glass of water right when they wake up provides even more energy than a cup of joe. Seems worth a try!


By focusing a little more on your getting-ready routine, you can start off your day with the best foot forward and feel accomplished before you’re even fully awake.

2 years ago