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Simple Tips for Better Sleep During the Holidays

Posted in: Sleep Tips
By Happsy Team
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Simple Tips for Better Sleep During the Holidays

Simple Tips for Better Sleep During the Holidays

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year — and that means plenty of festive holiday parties, fun family gatherings, and shopping ‘til you drop. While all of these holiday rituals are filled with cheer, it’s easy to feel stretched a little thin from a lack of sleep. (After all, it’s not just kids who can’t sleep on the night before Christmas!)

As you start prepping for the end of the year and the holidays ahead, you can sleep better by first making it a priority and then by choosing to sleep on a cozy, organic Happsy mattress. Otherwise, the combo of sugary treats, extra alcohol, and shopping all over town might cause several nights of fitful, unsatisfactory sleep.

Since we all tend to be busier during the holidays, here’s how to make sure you don’t miss out on those coveted hours of restful sleep.


Sleep better by relaxing before bed

When it’s time to wind down for bed, your nightly routine is key to the quality of your sleep. Researchers at the National Sleep Foundation found that the hour before you go to bed greatly affects your chance of getting a good night’s rest. A whopping 94 percent of female sleepers in the U.S. use this hour to catch up on chores, work-related tasks, or take care of children rather than relaxing and preparing for bed. Instead, form a routine during the holiday season that is peaceful and relaxing in that hour before you go to sleep. Drinking a mug of warm tea, reading a good book, or listening to a podcast are all calming options that are sure to enhance your sleep quality.


Change out your bedding

Have you ever gotten into bed on a cold winter night and thought to yourself: I am never going to be warm again! With those unfriendly winter winds whipping around outside, it can be challenging to feel completely comfortable and warm in bed. However, by switching out your bedding for sheets and blankets that are made from thicker materials, you will be much cozier. Since layers act as insulation, it’s important not to rely on your duvet alone for warmth. Instead, add a quilted blanket to the mix, change out your regular sheets for flannel ones, and add some fluffy pillows.

Take a little cat nap

Studies have shown that taking a 30 to 90-minute nap can greatly reduce feelings of tiredness during the holidays. Plus, a short cat nap can boost your productivity, so you can easily snag those last-minute gifts that you forgot about on Black Friday. If you aren’t a natural napper, you can also try resting in the same spot at the same time for 30 minutes, which will teach your body that it’s normal to relax during the day. Think how much more energized you’ll be on New Year’s Eve when you’ve had a cat nap that afternoon!

By sticking to your sleep routine as closely as possible, you can easily survive the holiday season without losing out on healthy, top-quality sleep. Through laughter, napping, and settling down in the evenings, you’ll be ready to happily (and energetically!) participate in all the festive cheer and holiday rituals ahead.


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