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Busting the Buzzwords: Organic

“Organic” is a powerful word, a heavy hitter of the eco community. To find a product made without toxic chemicals, people might use “organic” in an online search. In our industry, you might see an “organic mattress” advertised, but what does that even mean? The answer can be a little trickier than you might first think.
2 years ago

Busting the Buzzwords: Natural

Natural foods, natural beauty products, and now, natural mattresses. That’s right, the more people In search of a healthier lifestyle, the more companies are finding better ways to create natural and all-natural products.
2 years ago

Busting the Buzzwords: Eco-Friendly

Friendly is great. We all benefit from giving, and receiving, kind words or a simple smile. Being eco-friendly is being kind to the earth, and there’s nothing to not love about that. We should all strive to live our lives in eco-friendly ways. At Happsy, we applaud eco-friendly lifestyles. The problem is when the term eco-friendly is used as a marketing term. Why? Because “eco-friendly” is used and abused in so many ways, rendering it virtually meaningless.
2 years ago