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How to Shop for a Happsy! Q&A with Our Store Manager

Storefront view of Happsy's mattress store in Boston

We're so excited to open our very first Happsy showroom! We are most proud of being the first organic bed-in-a-box, but opening up a storefront is pretty cool, too. (And once you visit us, we think you’ll agree!)

Let's talk organic mattress shopping with our Boston showroom manager, Jennifer Garland. 

View of Happsy organic mattresses displayed in the Happsy storeView of Happsy organic mattresses displayed in the Happsy store

Is it better to buy a mattress online or in-store?

First thing’s first: is shopping in person the superior way to shop for a mattress? The answer depends entirely on YOU. 

Shopping from the comfort of your home is certainly convenient. This is especially true at Happsy, where we always offer free shipping, free returns and risk-free sleep trials – so you get a chance to test out your mattress for a few months before committing. If convenience is your priority, online shopping might be best for you.

But for some of us, seeing really is believing. If you’re on the fence about organic sleep, we urge you to stop in and see for yourself just what Happsy has to offer, because organic is a difference you can truly feel – softer, fresher, comfier, better. You’ll also get a chance to try out our different firmness options, add-ons like toppers, sheets, pillows, protectors and more. Because while free returns are certainly convenient, not having to make a return at all is even better!

Q&A with Jennifer from Happsy

Meet Jennifer – the store manager of our first Happsy showroom and your point person for all things Happsy sleep in Boston. Here’s what she has to say when it comes to the showroom experience, sustainability, bedtime routines and more.  

We’re so excited about our very first showroom – and we know you are too. Can you walk us through the in-store experience?

It all starts with a smile and a warm greeting! We want our future Happsy customers to feel right at home when they walk into our showroom. From there it's all about addressing individual sleep needs by finding the right comfort and support, whether it's our classic cushion-firm Happsy, or our newest addition, Happsy in plush! 

We encourage our customers to spend time lying on each mattress and testing out our super-comfy Happsy pillows and topper to help determine the most suitable options for each individual. Once you've chosen your dream bed, we simply place the order and ship it right to your front door! 

Jennifer Garland, Happsy store managerJennifer Garland, Happsy store manager

It’s 2023 and online shopping is easier than ever (especially at Happsy!). So, what does the in-store experience provide for shoppers that they can’t get online? How do you go above and beyond? 

One of the most notable benefits to visiting our Happsy store is not only the ability to test our mattress, pillow and topper options in person, but to have a Happsy sleep expert on hand to answer your questions in real time and offer meaningful, personalized advice. 

When you visit our showroom, we're better able to tailor the mattress-shopping experience to you so that we can ensure we address all of your sleep needs.

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Two Happsy twin mattresses on display in the Boston mattress storeTwo Happsy twin mattresses on display in the Boston mattress store

So, sell us on the mattress! Why should our customers sleep Happsy?

Here are the top three reasons everyone should sleep Happsy, in my opinion: 

  • First is definitely how simple Happsy has made sleeping organic! Our Happsy mattress is the first certified organic bed-in-a-box. When you know your mattress is made of quality organic materials and meets the strictest organic certifications available, you sleep easier – naturally!
  • Then, there’s the safety of the mattress. Happsy is made without the use of chemical flame retardants and the fabrics are never treated with toxic chemicals. When you look at each component used in manufacturing the Happsy mattress, you know you're choosing a product created with your well-being in mind.
  • Finally, for me, is the durability of the mattress! Mattresses are a big investment in many ways, so knowing Happsy is manufactured by a company that stands by the quality and longevity of their product with a 20-year limited warranty helps assure that you're making a wise investment when you choose to sleep Happsy.

At Happsy, we pride ourselves not only on our sustainable products and business practices, but on the commitment to greener living among our team members. Why does sustainable living matter to you? 

We only have one planet, and it's important to take care of it so that it can take care of us! If we're living with the Earth's resources in mind and using them responsibly, we can help to ensure a healthy and prosperous future for generations to come. 

There's also a comfort in knowing that the products you invest in and use on a daily basis are made ethically and without harmful chemicals. You’re not only protecting the planet, but the people who live here, too. 

We’re always looking for more sleep tips and tricks to share with our community. What’s your bedtime routine? 

After a long day, I think a bit of self-care is important, so I have a nightly skincare routine. After that I look forward to curling up in bed with my Happsy pillows, turning on some white noise and reading a bit to help me unwind. 

Any advice for mattress shoppers?

Never underestimate the benefit of new pillows with the right support! Mattress shopping can be a little overwhelming for some, and it's easy to lose sight of the sleep accessories that are just as essential to quality rest. Mattress shopping is a great time to upgrade your pillows, too.

We want to echo Jennifer’s sentiment that at Happsy, we’re all about creating a sleep experience that is made just for you and helping you achieve your best night’s rest. 

Whether you’re shopping from the comfort of home or making our Boston showroom your ultimate sleep destination, remember that better sleep means safer, healthier, greener sleep – and if you haven’t caught on yet, at Happsy, those are things we know best.

Smiling woman relaxing on her Happsy organic mattressSmiling woman relaxing on her Happsy organic mattress

Shop Happsy Organic MattressShop Happsy Organic Mattress

Happsy Organic Mattress

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