Attention bookworms: today is your day!

Every year on August 9, readers across the U.S. celebrate National Book Lovers Day. Even if you’re not a total bibliophile, it’s still fun to celebrate the many awesome books out there (and take part in the trending hashtag on Twitter!)

Whether you decide to go all-out book nerd on your friends by dragging them to a poetry reading or you choose to cuddle up with an old favorite in your bed, there are plenty of ways to get into the holiday spirit.

Here are three ways to revel in your love of the written word on National Book Lovers Day 2019:


Stop into your local library


Do you have a library card at your local library? (Do you even know where your local library is!?) If you aren’t a library regular, we forgive you. But there’s no reason not to pop in for a little browse of the library stacks on National Book Lovers Day! Local libraries are a great place for embracing your inner bookworm and finding new (or old) titles. Ask a librarian for their recommendation! Chances are, they’ll likely lead to finding your new favorite book to read before bed!


Get a new bookshelf


You know what would look great with your organic mattress? A new bookshelf! If all of your best-loved Harry Potter books are stacked in the corner of your bedroom, it’s time to shelve them properly. Nothing says ‘charm’ quite like a colorful, organized bookshelf. Treat yourself to a trendy new floating shelf or fix up an antique bookcase. Trust us, your books will thank you.


Start your own book club


If National Book Lovers Day has made you realize the lack of literature in your life, why not start a book club with your friends? Gather your five besties, put out some wine and cheese, and voilà! Beyond Oprah’s Book Club, there are plenty of lists online that give suggestions for book clubs—some even have discussion questions to really keep the conversation flowing. If all of your friends are reading the same book, you’ll be more likely to keep up with it, too. (Plus, who doesn’t love wine and cheese!?)