We all try to get enough sleep, but in the midst of the weekly grind, that can be easier said than done. The good news is, there are a handful of helpful tips and tricks you can try to sleep deeper and wake happier. Whether you need help dozing off, staying asleep or getting out of bed in the morning, these work-week sleep tips can help make it happen.

1. Get into a sleep routine

When you have a daily bedtime ritual, it helps your body get into a healthy rhythm. And it's important to keep the routine going, not just during the week, but on the weekends as well. When you resist the urge to stay up late and sleep in, your internal clock is better prepared for that Monday morning alarm. 

2. Hit the gym

Get in some daily exercise to make sure you hit the pillow hard each night. Whether you're into running, yoga or more intensive training, just getting your body moving is enough to prepare yourself for more restful nights.

3. Think about what you eat and drink (and when)

Our bodies thrive on consistency and that means not only maintaining a regular sleep schedule, but also a regular diet. Try to eat and drink at the same times each day and keep your calorie consumption evenly spread out throughout the week.

4. Create the perfect sleep environment

Make your bedroom into your nighttime haven. Hang some dim lights, keep the temperature cool and get rid of loud noises that could disturb your slumber. When you actually enjoy unwinding under the covers, you're more likely to be in the right mindset for peaceful sleep.  

5. Upgrade to an organic mattress

Did you know your sleep troubles might actually be coming from your mattress? If you’re sleeping on foams or other chemically-treated materials, the off gassing, odors and uncomfortable synthetics could be preventing you from getting the rest you need. Try upgrading to an organic mattress like Happsy for a purer, gentler night's sleep.

6. Take some time to wind down before bed

Some people can fall asleep almost immediately, but for the rest of us, drifting off can be a bit of a process. Before you’re actually ready to hit the hay, get into your pajamas and start slowing down. Eventually, your body will get the hint and start going into bedtime mode on its own.

7. Keep distractions out of the bedroom

Distractions are often the number one sleep killer – and the first things that need to go when you’re thinking about optimizing your weeknight shuteye. That means not only your phone and tablet, but also your bedroom TV. It’s hard at first, but trust us, your body will thank you.

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