Outfitting your dorm or apartment at college is basically a crash course is small-space living. Without marrying the perfect combination of decorative and organizational touches, your space can quickly feel chaotic and over-crowded. But how can you narrow down which items make the cut, and which are unnecessary?

As you begin to pile your back-to-school belongings in the corner of your bedroom, it’s easy to forget about those items that may not be at the top of your list, but should be: bedding accessories.

Nothing will make your dorm room feel more like home than having a cozy, fluffy bed where you can rest peacefully after a long day of classes (and, of course, binge-watch Netflix). However, college mattresses are notorious for being as flat – and hard – as a plank, so it’s important to pack bedding that will make your bed feel lush and plush.

Lucky for you, Happsy offers a variety of accessories for your bed at college that will not only make it comfier, but also make you healthier.

That’s right—by choosing bedding accessories that are organic and made without questionable chemicals, you can sign onto a healthier, holistic lifestyle at college.

With these four non-negotiable organic accessories, you can choose to make your bed in college safe for you—and for the environment.


Happsy Organic Mattress Topper


If you aren’t able to bring along a mattress to college, Happsy’s Organic Mattress Topper will do just the trick. Not only will a topper add an extra hygienic barrier between you and whoever occupied your room last year, but it will spring new life into whatever old mattress you’re given. With certified organic materials (and no harmful chemicals!), Happsy’s Organic Mattress Topper provides a healthier alternative to conventional foam brands. Just slip it on top of any size mattress for pressure-point relief, added comfort, and a plush, pillow-top feel as you sleep away the stress from final exams.


Happsy Organic Mattress Pad


It’s likely that your dorm won’t just be for sleeping. You’ll probably have friends over or throw a few parties from time to time, which unfortunately means one thing: spills. Accidents happen, so it’s important to make sure your bedding is protected – and waterproof! Happsy’s Organic Mattress Pad is the perfect protective layer for your dorm-room bed, creating an impenetrable barrier to dust mites and other allergens while defending against spills and mishaps. Made with certified organic cotton and a non-toxic waterproof layer, Happsy’s Organic Mattress Pad is easily stretchable and comfortable, making it a great choice for healthier living in college.


Happsy Organic Pillow


Choosing organic bedding accessories doesn’t start and end with the materials beneath your sheets. Equally as important to a healthy night’s sleep are the items your face and body contact directly, like your pillow. Instead of breathing in the synthetic materials of a normal pillow, which are often teeming with chemicals and harmful flame-retardants, Happsy’s Organic Pillows are made with soft, organic latex and cotton. Designed for softness, support, and proper spinal alignment, Happsy’s Organic Pillows are sure to make your mornings in college a little brighter—and healthier.


Happsy Organic Sheet Set


No bed is complete without a comfy set of sheets. If you’re committing to a holistic lifestyle in college and want to complete the bed of your dreams (literally!), Happsy’s Organic Sheet Set makes for the cleanest, healthiest option. With a luxurious 300 thread count and no added dyes, the cotton in Happsy’s Organic Sheet Set creates a soft, breathable surface so comfortable you’ll get excited about getting into bed every night. The set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and one pillowcase for twin and twinXL sizes.



In college, not just any bedding will do. Before you start stuffing the trunk of your car beyond capacity, remember how important it is to choose organic and prioritize a healthy lifestyle in your dorm. Why go to bed every night on toxic materials when you have a choice?