Before fall settles in, it’s time to have one last summer hurrah this Labor Day Weekend. 

Though we all like to indulge during holidays, you can make an added effort to make responsible choices and do your part for the environment while honoring America’s workers this year. After all, excess isn’t always best! 

Here are some environmentally-friendly ways to enjoy your long weekend and go green this Labor Day:

 Participate in the after-parade cleanup -- If your town has a Labor Day parade, there will probably be confetti, flyers, candy wrappers, and plenty of other litter lining the streets after the celebration is over. Sign up to be part of the clean-up crew this year to avoid letting that litter disturb the environment. You may even consider joining the planning committee next year and proposing ways to reduce the parade’s waste in general.

Catch up on some Zzz’s -- There’s no better time than a long weekend to catch up on much-needed sleep. Cuddle up with your cozy, organic bedding and take a nap for once! You’ll be much more prepared to take on the fast- approaching colder weather if you’re feeling well-rested.

Take a staycation -- Even though you might be tempted to load up the car and spend the long weekend at your friend’s lakehouse, arranging a staycation is a much greener option. Unplug your laptop, turn off your cell-phone, and think of a few fun ways to unwind at home. Make it a girls’ weekend with some face masks, or a guys’ weekend with some corn hole. It’s guaranteed to be the least expensive vacation you’ll ever plan!

Skip the charcoal -- It’s Labor Day, so the chances that you and your friends will be grilling out are pretty high. But did you know that charcoal grills release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air, contributing to air pollution? Consider your fuel source before you plan to grill out. Opting for a pellet or electric grill are two options that provide a much greener alternative to regular-old charcoal.

Avoid disposable decorations -- If you throw a Labor Day party at home, try to avoid any disposable party ware like plastic cups, plates, or utensils. Instead, you can reduce your party waste by using reusable goods and decorations. Remember: everything you buy new has an environmental impact, so why not upcycle?


This Labor Day Weekend, make it your mission to consume less. Use less fuel, buy fewer products, and remember to recycle. Doing so will make you feel good about your celebration while allowing you to put your best green foot forward.