What is Feng Shui:

Feng shui is a 3,000 year-old Chinese practice rooted in traditional Chinese medicine that looks to balance the energies in a physical space to boost wellbeing, invite happiness and increase good fortune.

How to feng shui:

Being a Happsy customer, we know that you share our passion for health and wellbeing.   You’ve taken the first steps in selecting a bedding lineup free of unnecessary chemicals and pollutants with our eco-friendly line. Now, we’ll show you how to add an extra layer of meaning with these feng shui principles to complete your peaceful haven for rest and rejuvenation.

  1. Position your bed to promote peace and tranquility

In feng shui, placement of the bed is the number-one factor that determines the energy in a bedroom. Ideally, the bed should be placed so that you have a view of the entire bedroom including the door (although it should not be not directly in line with the door).  Make sure to avoid putting your bed right under a window or directly across from a mirror as this disturbs essential feng shui principles.

  1. Declutter to give yourself a true calming environment

Clutter can interrupt the positive flow of energy. Declutter and give your extra items to those in need instead. We give tips on how to do that in another post, so check it out to get started.

  1. Keep work items out to eliminate distractions

Work associated items like desks, laptops and phones create a distracting environment. Even work out items like treadmills, ellipticals and weights can keep you from feeling at ease. Remove these from your sleeping space to feng shui the bedroom the right way.

  1. Purify the air to increase the positive flow of energy

Open windows to keep the air in your bedroom fresh and full of oxygen. Although plants bring in beauty and oxygen, plants in the bedroom are not recommended unless your bedroom is large enough to place the plants far from the bed.

  1. Use Even Numbers to invite love and positive relationships into your life

Have objects in even pairs. If you have a candle in the room, make it two. If you have pillows on the bed, go with two, four or six. Even your artwork should ideally depict items in pairs. 

  1. Splurge on Quality Bedding for a feast for all your senses

Organic and supportive mattresses paired with organic bedding accessories promote wellbeing and rejuvenation. We invite you to snuggle up with our organic lineup of Happsy pillows and sheets for the ultimate feng shui experience.


Imagine if instead of searching catalogs and websites for bedroom furniture by design and color, you could search for features that boost energy and rejuvenation. Products that are made with health and wellbeing in mind will bring you wellbeing in return.


Partner with Happsy to create a nurturing space and feng shui your way to wellbeing, happiness and good fortune.