Sometimes it seems like nothing can get you out of bed and moving for that daily workout routine.There are days when even improving your physical and mental health can’t motivate you. We get it, we love our sleep too.

But, what if we told you that exercising may not only be doing yourself a favor, but others as well (and that includes puppies and kittens)!

To help give you that extra push to get active, we share some of our favorite fitness options that happen to also be charitable.

1.) Cats and dogs and goats, oh my!
A number of cities throughout the U.S. are now offering workout classes with animals, whether it’s yoga with cats, “pawlates” with pups or any crazy exercise with goats (yes, we said it, goats). So as if being surrounded by cute, furry animals were not incentive enough, many times the price to attend one of these classes also goes to an animal charity such as a local animal shelter or farm. So look at your social media feeds to see where around you may be doing one of these wild classes.

2.) Workout Mission
Mustering the energy to workout is the most difficult when you are doing it alone. If you don’t have a class you committed to or a workout pal you can’t let down, it’s so easy to make up one million excuses not to do it. That’s where Workout Mission comes in. Select one of the five current “missions” on the app (you can choose different charities after you make a donation) and after you track 10 workouts, you can donate $10 to your selected mission. This is best for those who need assistance establishing a regular workout routine. The more you workout, the more you can help those in need.

3.) Charity Miles
For Apple and Android users, this app translates miles to money for charity. Choose your charity, and every time you move a mile (run, bike, dance, whatever you prefer!) Charity Miles’ corporate sponsorship pool or your friends can donate money to the charity of your choice. This one’s for those of you who need that cardio push!

4.) SoulCycle for Charity
It is very likely you have heard of SoulCycle, the popular spinning studio with locations in many states. This trendy cycling class may be good for the body, but they also do their part to make sure some of their profits go to those in need. Check out your local studio and see when they are doing charity rides, including those for 9/11 survivors, cancer research, etc.

5.) stickK
What if the next time you were struggling to do that workout you realized you would lose money?! (Don’t worry, it goes to a good cause). That’s where the app stickK comes in. Set your goal and a time frame, and if you don’t complete it, the money goes to a charity you DISLIKE! Definitely the most original charitable fitness app on our list, this is for those who find themselves succeeding more through negative reinforcement than positive.

Happy exercising!