Happsy products love to travel, with mattresses shipping to Massachusetts, California and every state in between. Since Happsy ships in rain, sleet and snow (as well as sunshine!), we make sure your Happsy is well protected by tightly vacuum sealing your organic mattress in a secure barrier of protective material.

Critically important as this is, we also know our customers care about the environment and wish to minimize waste. Here’s some great news about your Happsy eco-friendly packaging!

  • Happsy is wrapped in virgin polyethylene that is approved for food safety standards! If we must use plastic, we make sure we use the best stuff we can get.

  • Our eco-friendly packaging is also tested to ensure they are chlorine-free, meaning a healthier plastic made in a more eco-conscious manner

  • Polyethylene is easily recyclable. Made from the same material used to make plastic grocery bags (but ours have no colorings or printing), you can deposit the overwrap from your Happsy anywhere that recycles grocery bags.

  • Environmental group Clean Production Action rates polyethylene as a preferred plastic in terms of safer chemical inputs in its Plastics Scorecard rating system.

  • Tightly wrapping your Happsy in polyethylene keeps moisture and contamination out during shipping, meaning a clean, beautiful product for you and less wasted travel occurring from damaged returns.

You know if we spend this much time thinking through the plastic bag we protect your Happsy in, you can be sure we are paying close attention to every material IN your mattress!