When you purchase a Happsy mattress, you want it to last. That means lasting through spills, general wear and tear and, sometimes, kids jumping on the bed! In order to keep it in top-notch shape, you need to make sure you’re caring for your mattress properly. Follow our basic TLC tips and tricks on how to care for your organic mattress-in-a-box to make sure your Happsy place lasts for years to come!

Make sure your mattress is supported properly

First, when it comes to caring for your mattress, you need to make sure it’s supported properly on the bed frame. Consider a platform bed or a Happsy RTA foundation. Queen and king bed frames should have center support bars to keep the mattress from drooping in the middle and bowing.

Wash your sheets regularly

When you sleep, you shed sweat, oils, hairs and skin cells. These items can sneak through the fibers of your sheets and get on your mattress. To prevent this, wash your sheets every one to two weeks.

Air out your mattress

It’s important to air out your mattress to keep it fresh and to let air run through it. Check out our simple and easy guide for airing out your mattress.

Use a waterproof protector pad and clean up spills immediately

The Happsy mattress is not waterproof. This means it is spot clean only! To prevent damage to your mattress, it is best to use the Happsy waterproof protector pad. However, we understand accidents happen. Using a damp rag and mild detergent, you can lift minor accidents and stains.

Don’t sit on the edge of the mattress

Another tip is to not sit on the edge or corner of the mattress. The reason this is a no-go is because wear, tear and sagging will occur around the edges. Sagging around the edges can cause the mattress to become uncomfortable to lie down on.


If you take these steps, you will be on your way to years of happiness with your mattress! As always, if you’re unsure how best to treat your Happsy mattress or if you’re considering going organic, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our customer service members. We’d love to help you sleep healthy and wake happy.