Lots of things are contagious, especially smiles and positivity. In the New Year, let’s make resolutions to be our best selves … and to spread cheer wherever we go. Let’s partner with each other to make the world a happier place!

Who doesn’t love a good pay it forward story? Treating the car behind you in line at the drive through, bringing treats to a local fire department or police station or simply repaying an act of kindness by bestowing it on another in a time of need. Your act may seem like a mere raindrop in a vast ocean, but its effects are so much more powerful than you think. Paying it forward moves in a ripple effect, increasing in magnitude along the way. Those are the stories that will lift others up and deserve your attention in 2018!

Social media is a great place to spread your cheer. Of course it’s easier to post things you’re upset about; more than 80% of the comments on social media do! But let’s change that trend. Take the time to comment about the things you love, either on your personal social media pages or by taking the time to review the products that you love. You may help someone find the perfect gift or the perfect solution to a problem that they were struggling with. Your comments inspire both future consumers, as well as the manufacturing companies too. Here at Happsy, we value all your comments and the personal relationships forged when you take the time to tell us what you think. Use social media to liberate the power of positivity and help happiness go viral.

Bring happiness home to family and friends by focusing your dialogue around what went well each day. It’s so easy to fall into patterns of diffusing frustrations and venting. Think positively and positivity will follow. This change in thinking will help you feel happier, spread happiness to those around you and will even help you sleep better at night by reducing the weight that stress and negative thoughts create. 

At Happsy, happiness is a central value that guides our culture. We practice kindness in our relationships with each other and mindfulness in our thought process to create outstanding products. Our Happsy Checklistguides all our decisions to make sure we are doing good things for you, your family and the planet. Each year, we renew and strengthen our resolution to never stop pushing ourselves to make better, more sustainable choices for you and the environment.

What’s in a name? Happiness! 

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