There are so many things that are not on our radar when it comes to healthy sleep. Proof is in the pudding though…a mattress should be judged by how well you feel when you wake up.

Do you wake up hot or sweaty? Do you wake up with back or neck pain? Do you wake up when your partner rolls over in bed causing you to be affected? Do you toss and turn in your sleep?

You’d be surprised to find out how many of these concerns can be solved with the right mattress!

What causes hot and sweaty sleep?

Many materials used in mattresses prevent airflow and result in a hot, sticky or sweaty sleep environment. Not everyone is as sensitive to the effects of these materials, but scientifically speaking, foam is not as effective at temperature control as organic cotton, latex and wool. Also, springs allow for more movement of airflow as opposed to a mattress made entirely of latex or foam.

What causes back and neck pain?

The primary cause of waking up with back and neck pain is poor alignment from a mattress that is not providing adequate support to all the important regions of your body when you lie down to rest: your head, neck, shoulders and hips. The brilliance of pocketed spring is that it provides firm support to each region independently for a restful sleep.

What causes you to wake up when someone else in your bed rolls over?

Most spring, foam and latex mattresses have a traveling motion effect as one person moves, like a wave in the ocean that travels until it stops at the shore. The pocketed springs design is unique in that it only moves directly under you without affecting its neighboring springs, providing optimal comfort for those sharing a bed. You’d hardly know someone else was sharing your bed!

What causes you to toss and turn in your sleep?

While a mattress can’t exactly take responsibility for calming your mind, it can take responsibility for calming your body by providing optimal support and pressure point relief. A good mattress is designed to keep your body in alignment so that you won’t toss and turn in your sleep. 

So, is it time to get a new mattress? 

If you’re ready for happier and healthier sleep, start your journey with a Happsy.

If you are looking to improve your existing mattress, check out these Happsy accessories.

The Happsy Organic Mattress Topper, designed to add an additional 2 inches of soft latex for a plusher pillow top feel. This is particularly great for side sleepers. 


The Happsy Organic Pillow designed for proper spinal alignment and rejuvenating sleep.