Something we all dreaded hearing as a child was hearing our mom yell, “Did you make your bed?” But did you know this simple task could kick-start your day in the best way possible? Don’t worry -- we aren’t intending to nag you like your mom used to. But we are here to reveal why making your bed is super important to the rest of your day. Here are three reasons why you should make your bed each morning. Trust us -- there’s a method to your mom’s bed-making madness.


You’ll start off the day feeling accomplished -- If you make your bed in the morning, you will have achieved the first task of the day. While it’s a small accomplishment, it won’t go unnoticed by your pride. In fact, it will probably encourage you to tackle another task -- and another, and another. Psychology Today even discovered that people who make their beds are more likely to enjoy their jobs, work out regularly, get better sleep, and are generally happier. Clearly, pocketing a little accomplishment in the morning goes a long way.

You’ll create a retreat to come back to -- If you have ‘one of those days’ and need nothing more than to unwind, making your bed in the morning will give you a lovely retreat to return to. What’s more welcoming than a neatly made-up bed? Not only will your bedroom’s calming feng shui be on point, but a tidy bed will also invite you to relax. After a long day, having a retreat to come back to will be the perfect solution to your source of stress.

You’ll develop other good habits -- According to Charles Duhigg in his book, The Power of Habit, tidying your bed in the morning can become a “keystone habit” that generates a positive domino effect of other good choices. This is because making your bed is directly correlated with productivity. By completing this one simple task, you might just set off a chain reaction that leads to other good habits. Now, you might keep your floors clean of any clothes, and dusting might become part of your weekend routine. Before you know it, your bedroom will become a sparkling, restful retreat.

Need another reason? We thought not! For the entire month of September, we challenge you to make your bed every single day. See what positive changes in your life this simple task can inspire!