So much of our stress stems from clutter and chaos. The recipe for a decluttered mind starts with a clear and clutter free space. Toss unnecessary waste and organize the things you want to keep to achieve increased calmness and clarity.

Let’s start with how to declutter your bedroom so you can sleep and wake more peacefully.


You’ll need:

  • A timer to set a timed goal
  • Trash and recycling bins to toss unnecessary items
  • Hamper to collect items needing to be laundered
  • Storage bins to collect objects needing to be placed in other appropriate areas


Set your timer for five minutes for each step and challenge yourself to accomplish a systematic scavenger hunt each step of the way.


Step 1

Start at your nightstands and toss anything that needs to be trashed or recycled. We’ve all experienced the frustration of random piles of old receipts, tissues, papers, pens, etc.  Start with the top surface of your nightstand and deal with the drawers a different day.


Step 2

Grab your hamper and collect any items that need to be laundered. Extra blankets, socks, sweatshirts and towels that have embarrassingly collected on the floor. It happens to all of us! 


Step 3

Use a storage bin to walk around your room collecting items that don’t belong in your bedroom. Start near your bed and move outward from there. Look for mail, work papers, suitcases, toys, books, shoes, etc.


Step 4           

Take the last five minutes to return the items you collected in your storage bin to more appropriate places within your home. Maybe pack away items you don’t need year-round and place them in your basement or storage room.


The 20-minute declutter technique sets a manageable goal to achieve a productive cleanup while eliminating frustration that often comes with projects that seem overwhelming and unmanageable. Pace yourself with one 20-minute cleanup a day.


It may take more than one 20-minute session to get your room up to snuff, and that’s ok.  Just take it 20 minutes at a time!


Live Happsy!