In search of tranquil sleep, many people are turning to background noise machines. We took the liberty of researching sound machine apps for you that rival those of expensive white noise generators so you can easily take your Happsy feeling everywhere you go!

Here are some of our favorites:        

  • myNoise (available for Apple iOS devices and Android)
  • White Noise (available for Android, iOS and desktop devices)

Sleep experts agree that noise machines can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer by:

  • Quieting your mind before and during sleep
  • Sending you into slumber through sound induced relaxation
  • Counterbalancing abrupt changes in environmental sound levels that interfere with sleep 

In order for noise machines to have the right effect for you, you need to choose the sound that is most relaxing to your personality. The idea is to surround yourself with sounds you like to mask the noises you dislike!

  • White noise is random noise that contains all the audible frequencies and drowns out all other sound, like the continuous hum of a fan.
  • Pink noise is focused on lower frequencies and is less high-pitched than white noise. It has been touted as the optimal sound to induce and prolong deep sleep. Examples include falling rain, wind and rustling leaves.
  • Brown noise, also known as Brownian noise or red noise, sounds deeper than both pink and white noise, and is often compared to the low roar of a waterfall, ocean waves, heavy winds or clothes tumbling in a dryer.

What’s your favorite sound to fall asleep to? Let us know. @HappsySleep or on our Facebook page.

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