Happsy is all about providing a healthier night’s sleep…conveniently. We are talking about a mattress, so what do we mean when we say convenience? We are talking about how compact your mattress arrives and how simple it is to set up. We are talking about rollpacking.

What is rollpacking?

With a traditional mattress, you have to worry if it will get through stairwells and doorways. It arrives in the state in which you would put it on the frame, so its bulky, heavy and not exactly natural to move up or down stairs.

So how do we make it easy for you to move your Happsy mattress into your home? We have a special machine that is able to rollpack mattresses made with coils and latex. The process only takes 30 seconds!

After we rollpack it, we neatly pack it up and send it off to you ready to unroll and unwind. Once your Happsy Mattress arrives in a box at your front door, bring the box to your bedroom, remove the mattress, take off the casing with the provided cutting tool, unroll the mattress and flip it over. It’s then ready for you to unroll and unwind.

Watch how easy it is:


Does rollpacking affect the state of my mattress?

Seeing a mattress rolled up can be disconcerting for some. Don’t worry, we aren’t sacrificing integrity for convenience. After you unpack it, the mattress should only take about 30 minutes to expand. Give it several days, and you should expect to see it fully bounce back from being compressed. The Happsy Organic Mattress is designed to be packed this way and still give you your best night’s sleep.

Rollpacking doesn’t affect the state of your mattress, so are there other benefits besides just being easy to move? A rollpacked mattress costs less because it is shipped ground delivery. Easier and cheaper, what could be better?

Now, have fun unrolling and curling up into bed!