As you have might have noticed, organic mattresses tend to be a little more expensive than conventional mattresses. It’s true. Here’s why: they provide a healthier, more comfortable sleep, but for some people that may not be enough incentive for the higher price tag (although we disagree).

Part of our mission is to make better sleep more accessible, so we wouldn’t tack on a higher price tag just as a gimmick -- we are the real deal when it comes to a healthier, better mattress. We tend to run a little more expensive than conventional mattresses because natural materials are more expensive. And why’s that? Because they hold up longer! When you buy a Happsy you get a higher return on investment.

Foam Has a Shelf Life

Polyurethane (which is almost 100% petroleum!) foam has a shelf life, just as your food often has expiration dates. It begins to break down the longer you have the mattress. This form of foam is in many of the conventional mattress options on the market today.

This happens because polyurethane foam has bubbles of air within it. Over time those bubbles collapse, making the foam flatten and in turn disintegrate. After a number of years this foam will be completely crumbled, not providing a supportive surface for sleep.

We do not use any synthetic foams in our Happsy mattress. We choose organic latex not only because it’s non-toxic and natural, but also because your mattress lifespan will be longer. So you may pay a little bit more at the beginning, but you will have a supportive sleep surface that will last much longer. Meaning your investment actually costs less over time.

Disintegrating Foam Affects More Than Shelf Life

Other than having to replace your mattress sooner if you go the conventional mattress route, are there other issues with disintegrating foam? Turns out it’s detrimental to both your health and the environment. When conventional foam is breaking down (and making your bed less durable), tiny particles of toxic things such as polyurethane and flame retardants are released into the air, which you breathe in! So if the better investment isn’t selling you, think about your indoor air environment and the planet. 

Do you have a mattress with disintegrating foam? That’s not the only reason to upgrade your mattress.