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  1. Why You Should Air Out Your Mattress

    As Summer approaches, there are a lot of Spring cleaning tasks around your home or apartment that you might have on your to-do list. You open the windows of your house to air it out. You take that smelly gym bag and set it outside for a few hours to freshen it up. You might even hang clothes outside to dry. You air out all of these other things, why not your mattress?


  2. What is the best power nap time?

    Power naps are becoming increasingly popular as the number one mid-day method to recharge energy levels, reduce stress, improve mood and increase mental clarity and physical health. In a time where it feels like we always have to be on and are always connected, it’s important to take time to shut off your mind— even if it’s only for a few minutes!


  3. The Best Free Sound Apps for Sound Sleep

    In search of tranquil sleep, many people are turning to background noise machines. We took the liberty of researching sound machine apps for you that rival those of expensive white noise generators so you can easily take your Happsy feeling everywhere you go!


  4. The Truth About Watching TV Before Bed

    Our culture of Google searching for advice often leads us to generic “one size fits all” responses. The question of whether one should watch TV before bed seems almost rhetorical at this point. Publications have sufficiently stressed the point that blue light from TVs, smartphones and laptops inhibits the release of melatonin, and therefore negatively impacts sleep.


  5. 6 Ways to Incorporate Your Organic Lifestyle into Your Fitness Routine

     Test out these tips for taking your organic lifestyle into another area of your life: the gym!


  6. Bring Yoga to Bed: Stretches for Tension Release and Blissful Sleep

    No time for yoga class? Make your time on your Happsy mattress peaceful, relaxing and rejuvenating by starting your bedtime routine with 3 easy and rewarding stretches.


  7. Top 3 Things to Do in Bed for Your Best Sleep Ever

    Top 3 things to do in bed?Bet that got your attention! Maybe you can add your own additions after reading our top 3 recommendations to love your mattress and improve your sleep experience.


  8. Feng Shui Your Bedroom To Boost Wellbeing

    What is Feng Shui:

    Feng shui is a 3,000 year-old Chinese practice rooted in traditional Chinese medicine that looks to balance the energies in a physical space to boost wellbeing, invite happiness and increase good fortune.


  9. Is It Time For A New Mattress?

    There are so many things that are not on our radar when it comes to healthy sleep. Proof is in the pudding though…a mattress should be judged by how well you feel when you wake up.


  10. The 20-Minute Declutter

    So much of our stress stems from clutter and chaos. The recipe for a decluttered mind starts with a clear and clutter free space. Toss unnecessary waste and organize the things you want to keep to achieve increased calmness and clarity.