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Find Your Happsy Place | Organic & Healthy Sleep Blog | Happsy

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  1. Top 3 Things to Do in Bed for Your Best Sleep Ever

    Top 3 things to do in bed?Bet that got your attention! Maybe you can add your own additions after reading our top 3 recommendations to love your mattress and improve your sleep experience.


  2. Feng Shui Your Bedroom To Boost Wellbeing

    What is Feng Shui:

    Feng shui is a 3,000 year-old Chinese practice rooted in traditional Chinese medicine that looks to balance the energies in a physical space to boost wellbeing, invite happiness and increase good fortune.


  3. Is It Time For A New Mattress?

    There are so many things that are not on our radar when it comes to healthy sleep. Proof is in the pudding though…a mattress should be judged by how well you feel when you wake up.


  4. The 20-Minute Declutter

    So much of our stress stems from clutter and chaos. The recipe for a decluttered mind starts with a clear and clutter free space. Toss unnecessary waste and organize the things you want to keep to achieve increased calmness and clarity.


  5. Recipe for Happy and Healthy Sleep

    The million-dollar question used to be, “How little sleep can I get away with?” In a world of multitasking and overachieving, we struggle to figure out just how “little sleep we need to still function with good enoughclarity of mind. Good enough clarity to get our job done, care for our family or even drive responsibly. How little sleep is needed to still function?


  6. Find Your Happsy Place

    Have you found your Happsy Place?

    Find a way to better, healthier sleep or risk long-term effects

    Everyone has their own personal happy place. Maybe it’s your laptop and a cappuccino at your favorite coffeehouse, or in your workshop at home, or even neck deep in a tub full of bubbles with the door locked. Wherever it is, your happy place is the one spot where you can escape from the world, even if it’s only for a couple of minutes.


  7. If You're Happsy and You Know it Spread Your Cheer

    Lots of things are contagious, especially smiles and positivity. In the New Year, let’s make resolutions to be our best selves … and to spread cheer wherever we go. Let’s partner with each other to make the world a happier place!


  8. Top 10 Reasons Why Organic Mattresses are Worth It

    As people seek to live healthier, more environmentally-friendly lifestyles, more mattress shoppers are considering organic. But you might be asking yourself, is an organic mattress really worth the extra cost? In this blog post, we’re breaking down the top 10 reasons to sleep organic (and how Happsy is helping to make it more affordable).


  9. 7 Tips for Maximizing Your Work Week Sleep

    We all try to get enough sleep, but in the midst of the weekly grind, that can be easier said than done. The good news is, there are a handful of helpful tips and tricks you can try to sleep deeper and wake happier. Whether you need help dozing off, staying asleep or getting out of bed in the morning, these work-week sleep tips can help make it happen.


  10. Why fire retardant barriers do more harm than good

    At Happsy, we’re not into coating, covering, soaking or wrapping our mattresses in harmful chemicals. We particularly dislike flame retardant chemicals, the culprits behind all sorts of health and developmental issues.

    So, you might be asking yourself, does the lack of flame retardants make a mattress more flammable? Good question. The answer, by the way, is no.