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Organic, Green and Natural Mattress – What’s The Difference?

It’s a common misconception that natural, green and organic are almost interchangeable. You’ll probably be surprised to find out that they are, in fact, completely different. Especially when it comes to mattresses. So, what is the difference? We’re going to break it down for you and help you understand what natural mattress, green mattress and organic mattress really mean and which is best for you.

Natural Mattress

Surprisingly, any mattress label which claims to be “natural” has almost no regulation around what is required of the materials put into a product. There are no certifications associated with a natural labeled product; however, this does not mean that there aren’t natural materials in the mattress. For example, cotton is a natural material grown from a plant. What matters is how the cotton is processed. This is the step where natural mattress materials often get toxic chemicals added, such as flame retardants, that are no longer better for you.

Green Mattress

Green is often a term now used to describe any action or product that is friendly to the environment. For example, using reusable bags at the grocery store, earth-friendly packaging, or making sure you recycle. A green mattress typically indicates that the emissions and waste given off during the actual manufacturing of the mattress are minimized for the betterment of the environment. This does not however, mean that the final product you are sleeping on is actually green inside and out. Some natural materials may be used, but there are no certifications associated to ensure that the final “green mattress” does not contain harmful substances.

Organic Mattress

An organic mattress is made from organic materials that are grown without harmful pesticides or GMOs. In order to be a certified organic mattress, it must be processed according to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which prohibits many commonly used harmful chemicals, and requires that the method used to process the cotton is sustainable. There are no flame retardants, toxic chemicals, bleaches, dyes or synthetic latex. A truly organic mattress is certified from manufacturing to sweet dreams.

The important lesson to learn from these definitions is to do your research before making a mattress purchase. Just because a product name sounds like it might be a healthier alternative, doesn’t mean it actually is. Natural, green and organic mean different things to different companies. It’s important to investigate what may be going on behind the scenes. What are the ingredients? Where is the cotton coming from? How is it processed? Are there any certifications associated with the particular mattress you’re interested in?

Of course, we’re partial to certified organic; GOTS, GOLS and GREENGUARD. That’s what you get when your Happsy arrives at your door. We rest easy knowing exactly what organic mattress means, and we think you will too.

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