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Bounce and Breath: The Goodness of Happsy Pocketed Coils

Posted in: product details
By Happsy Team
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Bounce and Breath: The Goodness of Happsy Pocketed Coils

Bounce and Breath: The Goodness of Happsy Pocketed Coils

Happsy carefully considers every component selected for our organic mattresses, demanding that the materials we pick support health, sleep and social responsibility.  In designing the most comfortable, responsible mattresses we can, we use individually encased springs (each spring floats in a separate pocket) not just for one or even two reasons, but for five: comfort, support, partner disturbance, breathability, and conservation of resources. Here’s why our individually pocked coils are so great.


A healthy, subtle, and satisfying bounce is derived from coils. You can’t get that feel from an all-foam mattress. The springiness of the coils paired with the plushness of the organic latex work perfectly together to deliver a comfortable sleep.


What’s awesome about individually pocketed coils is their articulation, meaning their independence of movement. Unlike a continuous innerspring mattress where one big spring moves up and down, each individually pocketed coil in the Happsy compresses where needed, cradling to your individual shape. This provides the contouring support needed for a good sleep.

Partner Disturbance

The same articulation providing support also minimizes partner disturbance when one person moves around or gets in and out of bed. This is because the coils moving under one person’s body move independently from those under the other sleeper.


The open spaces inside the coils combine with the breathable sides of the Happsy mattresses to allow air to freely move and heat to dissipate.

Conservation of Resources

Organic latex is a wonderful material, sourced from the renewable resources of rubber trees. These trees can also help sequester atmospheric carbon. Nonetheless, latex must be sourced from far-off temperate zones, requiring resources to ship the materials to the states. For that reason, Happsy’s stance is to use the latex where it’s needed and not waste it where it isn’t, at the bottom. Our coils are responsibly made (by our own machines), here in the states, using recycled steel approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard.


Encasing all the above five reasons is a major point of pride by us concerning our coils: we make them without ANY glues, almost unheard of in the industry! The mesh pockets are heat sealed, not glued, together, and the coils are physically attached, by hand, to the encasement. It’s an extra step, but one that fits our mission of finding better, healthier ways to do things.

1 year ago