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What is the best power nap time?

Power naps are becoming increasingly popular as the number one mid-day method to recharge energy levels, reduce stress, improve mood and increase mental clarity and physical health. In a time where it feels like we always have to be on and are always connected, it’s important to take time to shut off your mind— even if it’s only for a few minutes!

The impact of a short power nap can achieve long-lasting results. Napping for even 6 short minutes can do the trick.

A noticeable dip in energy levels typically occurs between one and three in the afternoon, with many individuals reaching for a caffeine boosts or a sugary snack to attain a second wind. The goal of a power nap is to replace impulse eating with a quick, but fully rejuvenating rest that gives you a more impactful and longer lasting boost than those sugary snacks. You could actually burn calories instead of consuming them and maximize your mental state to keep you focused through the afternoon.

 There are several researched power nap durations:

  • The Six Minute Power Nap gives you just enough time to clear out short-term memories and free up mental space, allowing you to wake up with increased mental acuity.

  • The Twenty Minute Power Nap allows you to experience the first two stages of the sleep cycle and has the added heath benefit of slowing your heart rate and boosting alertness, concentration and mood. 

  • The Forty Minute Power Nap allows you to experience REM sleep and your brain undergoes a mental clearing-out process allowing you to wake up with renewed mental and physical energy. In addition, napping for this amount of time has been shown to help re-balance the immune system.

It’s important to find the nap time and duration that works best for you. Even just lying still to calm your mind can have positive effects. Rest just long enough to feel refreshed and set an alarm if needed to get back to your day.

At Happsy, we practice power naps to allow ourselves the opportunity to wake with renewed passion and creativity to stay on the cutting edge of organic and sustainable product design. 

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