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Chemical Education

Mattress Off-Gassing... Does Your Mattress Have Gas?

You may love the smell of a new car, but do you want that same smell when you lie down on your mattress? Why would your new car and your mattress be giving off the same scent? Believe it or not, many mattresses actually produce off-gassing. So that “new bed smell” is the same smell that’s coming from your new vehicle’s upholstery. These things that you are in or on almost daily are leaking Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air around you. Meaning that distinct smell isn’t a good sign.
2 years ago

Why Fire Retardant Barriers Do More Harm Than Good

At Happsy, we’re not into coating, covering, soaking or wrapping our mattresses in harmful chemicals. We particularly dislike flame retardant chemicals, the culprits behind all sorts of health and developmental issues.
4 years ago