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Why You Should Sleep Cool

woman asleep in bed

We’ve all dealt with those stiflingly hot nights in bed where you lay awake, tossing and turning and stirring uncontrollably, trying everything you possibly can to get cool.

There’s really no worse feeling than being too hot to fall asleep. When the summer months hit and temperatures rise, (or your heater in the wintertime is relentless,) it can be nearly impossible — and extremely frustrating — to regulate your sleep environment. 

This is because our body temperatures are closely intertwined with our ability to sleep. When you’re overheated, your mind will have a much harder time winding down, whereas when you’re nice and cool, the colder sleep environment initiates rest.

It may surprise you to learn that sleeping cool has a surprising number of scientific benefits for your health and wellness. Here’s why you should always sleep cool:



Increased melatonin


A colder sleep environment boosts your body’s production of melatonin, which not only tells your body it’s time to catch some shut-eye, but also promotes healthy anti-aging. The ideal temperatures for optimal melatonin production is between 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit — or always below 70 degrees.



Improved sleep quality


If your sleep environment is either too hot or too cold at night, your body will work overtime to regulate your temperature. Hot environments in particular lead to increased wakefulness and, because of all the tossing and turning you’ll be doing, less deep sleep. Sleeping cool, however, is linked to getting deeper sleep, which means that a colder environment will lead to overall improved sleep quality.



Boosted metabolism


That’s right — a cold sleep environment can actually help you burn more calories! Studies reveal that decreasing the temperature in your bedroom at night is the most effective for your metabolic rates. This is mainly because cooler temperatures escalate the “brown fat” that our bodies store, which is what helps us dispose of excess blood sugar and burn more calories. 


At Happsy, we take sleeping cool seriously — which is why our mattresses are made without any heat-trapping foams. Our breathable coil system and moisture-wicking wool give heat somewhere to go, so you can have a peaceful, comfortable sleep every single night.